High-Quality Service Parts and Chemicals

Get Your Pressure Washers Fixed Fast and Right

For over 30 years, Portage Power Wash has been providing top-of-the-line parts, repairs, and high-quality chemicals to the residents of Central, Western, and Northeastern Pennsylvania. We offer fast services and quality workmanship at affordable prices.
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Our Basic Chemicals

  • Glory - light truck wash (nonacid)
  • 300 - 409 - Fantastic cleaner
  • Chem1 - for polished aluminum (acid)
  • 400 - aluminum brighter (acid)
  • 425 - limey, coil cleaner, fly ash (acid)
  • 550 - heavy-duty degreaser (acid)
  • 675 - heavy-duty truck wash (nonacid)
  • Red wax - wax - mixed

Quality Parts and Repairs

You'll be happy to know that we not only sell parts, but also install them for you. We have a large inventory. If we don't have it in stock, then we'll order it for you. If your equipment breaks down on you, give us a call. We have many vans in the area that are fully stocked, so you can get your equipment fixed as fast as can be.
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You'll Love Our Top-Notch Chemicals and Detergents

  • Purpose cleaners are made with versatility to fight against the toughest jobs
  • Recycle detergent is designed for wash-water recycling systems
  • Vehicle cleaners are great for cutting away the dirt and grime while still leaving the shine
  • Vehicle specialty detergent is perfect for car and truck washing
  • Cleaners and degreasers are strong enough to eliminate away grime and grease
  • Part washer detergents are formulated for aqueous parts washer
  • Specialty cleaners are formulas for concrete cleaning to coil conditioning
  • Graffiti removers help in removing and dissolving paint and marker tracks
  • You'll receive highly concentrated formulas of high dilution ratios for low cost in use
  • Multipurpose cleaners and soaps (sold by 55 gallons or 5 gallons)

Catalogs Available for Our Full Line of Products

  • Pressure Washer Parts - for all types of pressure washers
  • Nozzles - for whatever the job we have the size and power
  • Hoses - high pressure and temperature, flexible, and tough wired grade
  • Filters, Unloaders, Couplers, Plugs, Pumps, Burners, Coils, Electronic Components
  • Waste Oil Parts - for all types of waste oil furnaces
  • Blowers, Chambers, Controls, Nozzles, Filters, and more
Call us today 
at 800-525-7186 
for product availability.

You'll always be served by a helpful and friendly staff.

Take advantage of all our top brands, including Landa, MI-T-M, Cuda, and Reznor.
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