Excellent Truck Washes (Wheel Washes) and Drilling Rig Equipment

Wheel Washes for a Variety of Wheel Sizes

The wheel washes at Portage Power Wash come in three different sizes: 33, 66, 99-feet grids. Each wheel washers produce 400 GPM with 40 nozzles. Visit us to find out more about our truck washers and drilling rig equipment. We serve Central, Northeastern, and Western parts of Pennsylvania in addition to Western Maryland. 
Wheel washers

Mud Blasting Pump System With Centrifugal Separator

Mi-T-M Mud Blasting Pump System
We have mud blasting pump systems with a centrifugal separator for you. We have 4 models to choose from. Contact us for more details.

Usual Applications

  • Rental yards
  • Lumber yards
  • Mining operations
  • Heavy equipment dealers
  • Solid waste handlers
  • Quarries
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Mud Blasting Pump System

High-volume water canon system acts like a water blaster, prewashing heavy equipment, and tracked vehicles. The tough high gallon-per-minute centrifugal system blasts away mud and dirt allowing an easier and less timely workload during the pressure wash cycle.

We create and install different solutions to your business needs. We custom create Trailer Packages, Wheel Washes, Water Treatment Systems, and Truck and Car Washes, and more to your specifications.

Just give us a call at 800-525-7186.
Enjoy top-notch brands like Landa, MI-T-M, Cuda, and Reznor when you contact the professionals here at Portage Power Wash.
You'll be happy to know that we have many more drilling rig equipment designs in development that will help you with all your drilling rig jobs. Our pumps are able to pump diesel fuel and mineral oil.
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